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Living Room Interior Designs

Discover a wide range of handpicked, living room interior designs and décor ideas at Livspace. We bring you living room designs that are customizable, practical and trendy. From modular TV units to wall paintings and living room wall designs, you’ll find all the inspiration you’ll need to get started. Browse now to zero in on your favourite design and create a living room space that reflects your style.

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FAQ About Living Room Designs

What is a Modern Living Room Style?

How do I Modernise My Living Room?

A Neutral Colour Palette - Going with neutral colours like white or beige is a great choice for a modern vibe. If you aren’t a fan of neutrals, you can pick muted tones of the shades you love.

Let the Light In - Natural light is an important element of modern interior decor as it adds warmth to the space and makes it look roomier. This is why you will see large French windows in many modern living rooms.

Sleek Designs - A modern living room comprises sleek furniture and straight lines to maintain an elegant and sophisticated vibe. You can play with different textures like wood and leather while also making sure that the space is clutter-free.

What are some Small Living Room Design Ideas?

  • Scandinavian Inspired
  • Minimalist Style
  • Modern Chic
  • Colour pop
  • Coastal vibe

What are the Best Colour Combinations for the Living Room Interior?

  • Forest Green and White is a great combination for a nature-inspired living room.
  • If you are interested in a rustic vibe, going with earth tones of brown, yellow, red, and olive green will be perfect.
  • For a contemporary space, going with the classic black and white colour palette is the way to go.

If your dining room is visually accessible from your living room, the colour combination can be kept consistent throughout the space.

How to Accessorize your Living Room?

Accessorising your living room is pretty important as these small details bring a space to life and add that special touch. Décor elements like plants, throws, clocks, and lamps can be used to let your personality shine through in your interior design and make it feel more like home.