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The Livspace modular kitchen price estimator

Get a fairly accurate cost with our estimator. Simply select the size and layout of your kitchen and your desired package, and we'll quickly do the math for you!

3 simple steps to get your quote

It's that easy! You can now effortlessly plan your dream kitchen.
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    Select the shape of your kitchen

    The kitchen layout lets us understand the scope of work and how we could design your kitchen based on your taste.

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    Choose the measurements

    This helps us estimate the size of your kitchen and give you a more accurate pricing.

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    Pick a package as per your requirements

    Our packages will offer you a choice of accessories to pick from, based on your preference.

Estimates for every kitchen

Choose your preferred kitchen layout, and let our estimator work its magic.

Here's how the modular kitchen price estimator works

Our modular kitchen price estimator considers the shape and area of your kitchen, materials, and the package you choose to check the pricing in real time and gives you the kitchen interior cost.

We'll ask you about a few things.

  • Shape of your kitchen

    The modular kitchen price estimator will make a few assumptions based on the shape of your kitchen. The shape of your kitchen is a significant factor in calculating the price of your kitchen. For instance, the under counter space and the over counter space in an L-shaped kitchen varies from an island or a straight kitchen.

  • Size of your kitchen

    Based on the shape of your kitchen, our modular kitchen price calculator will give you default measurements for the kitchen size. You can change the measurements in case the size of your kitchen differs from the default values. Our estimator will calculate the modular kitchen cost per sq ft. The more accurate the size is, the more accurate the cost of modular kitchen.

  • Accessories

    Not sure about what accessory to pick? No problem. We have 3 packages for you: Basic, Intermediate and Premium. You can choose the one that suits your lifestyle.

  • Material and finishes

    The kind of material and the finish you pick determines not only the cost of modular kitchen but also the quality of your kitchen. Our modular kitchen price calculator will highlight popular materials and their features to ease the process of decision making for you.

  • On-site services as per requirement

    Do you need electrical and plumbing services? Are you looking at a fresh coat of paint? Our modular kitchen price estimator will also include a cost based on the services you select.

  • Appliances

    Choose from a variety of built-in appliances like hob, chimney or oven. If you don't need one, the modular kitchen cost calculator will make note of it.


1. Will the modular kitchen estimator throw up a cost based on location?

2. How will the modular kitchen price calculator make assumptions on materials, accessories & other products?

3. Can I customize and build my own kitchen and get a cost basis?

4. How accurate is this? Can I expect my designer to share a similar quote?

5. What if I want to change the shape of my kitchen? How will the estimator factor in that cost for demolition?

6. Why can't I choose individual accessories?

  • Livspace is the world's largest interior design and home renovation platform that connects interior designers, homeowners and vendors. We provide homeowners with personalised and efficient home interior designs. Looking to make your dream kitchen come true but need a cost to plan ahead? We're here to make it easy for you.
  • The Livspace modular kitchen price calculator is a comprehensive guide to help you understand the factors that are taken into consideration while estimating your dream kitchen's quote. This helps you get an idea of the estimate for modular kitchen cost per sq ft. That's not all. You also get to choose from a range of materials, accessories, appliances, finishes, and on-site services like plumbing, electrical, Dado, Painting, False ceiling, and Platform work to make your modular kitchen complete and comfortable.
  • Oh, we also provide expert tips so that you are thoroughly informed of the choices present and make a balanced decision. We believe every product or package you choose needs to fit your needs and lifestyle perfectly. The final price of your modular kitchen may be lower or higher than the estimate depending on the choice of products and services you make. Further, our designers will make sure you understand the process better by providing you with all the additional details you would need. So get started with our modular kitchen price calculator, make your choices, and get your modular kitchen cost with our fairly accurate calculator.