Designing the interior of your 2BHK can be an exciting process. From choosing the right colours to the perfect furniture pieces, it is a great opportunity to express your personal style. However, you may end up overspending if you don’t carefully plan and budget properly. In this article, we’ll walk you through the factors that impact the 2BHK interior design cost and how to estimate your expenses. This way, you can stay within your means and still create a beautiful home!

How to Calculate Your Budget? Use These 2BHK Interior Design Cost Inputs?

From the type of flooring to the seating you have in your space, everything will play a role in determining your 2BHK interior design cost

The interior cost per sq. ft. depends upon multiple factors. The table below lists some of the main components that you should consider while computing the design cost. However, actual price components will ultimately depend upon individual requirements.

FactorsCost Range*Notes
Furniture ₹1200 to ₹2500 per sq. ft. Kitchen, wardrobe, panelling
and other storage units.
If you want a low budget design,
you need to opt for laminate
Furnishings Curtains – ₹30,000 to ₹70,000
Sofa – Starting from ₹30,000 to ₹1,00,000
Flooring ₹175 to ₹450 per sq. ft. For wooden laminate,
vinyl and SPC flooring
Ceiling ₹175 to ₹300 per sq. ft. For gypsum false ceiling
with electrical work and light fixtures.
Cost may vary based on design.
If we add laminate or wooden
elements to the false ceiling,
this cost will go up by
20% to 40%
Painting ₹75 to ₹115 per sq. ft. Carpet area of the property
Civil Work Basic Civil Work – ₹50,000 to ₹1,10,000Basic civil work includes
kitchen tiling and countertop.
Actual cost of civil work
will depend upon the
nature of work. Cost will
also vary based on the
types of materials used

*All prices mentioned above are excluding 18% GST. These prices are an estimate. Your overall 2BHK design charges can vary depending on the city, labour charges, material and finish, design, and the size of your home

Now that you know the components that go into calculating your total 2BHK interior design cost, here is a cost estimate for a 600 sq. ft. to 800 sq. ft. 2BHK:

ConfigurationSq. Ft. RangeTotal Interior Design Cost (Approx.)*
2BHK600 sq. ft. to 800 sq. ft.₹700,000 – ₹15,00,000

*These Livspace interior design costs are for reference only; exact costs might differ according to the nature of your requirements, size of home and location. Talk to our designer to get a free quote today.

Room-Wise Breakdown: 2BHK Interior Design Costs

Whether you want a basic home or a premium one, getting the room-wise costs of your 2BHK interior design will help you figure out a clear budget.

RoomCost for
2BHK Design*
Cost for
2BHK Interiors*
Cost for
2BHK Interiors*
Kitchen₹1,12,000 – ₹3,16,000₹1,29,000 – ₹3,63,000₹2,13,000 – ₹5,99,000
Living Room₹1,75,628 – ₹2,19,849₹2,30,495 – ₹2,87,691₹2,92,323 – ₹3,60,535
Dining Room₹1,15,028 – ₹1,20,042₹1,51,421 – ₹1,57,132₹1,84,027 – ₹1,91,040
Bedroom 1₹2,12,185 – ₹ 2,95,555₹2,58,456 – ₹3,43,149₹3,77,516 – ₹4,88,557
Bedroom 2 ₹2,12,185 – ₹ 2,95,555 ₹2,58,456 – ₹3,43,149 ₹3,77,516 – ₹4,88,557
Bathroom ₹63,211 – ₹71,752 ₹77,332 – ₹86,299 ₹82,705 – ₹92,312

*These costs are for reference only; Exact costs might differ based on location, scope of work and size of home. Talk to our designer and get a free quotation today.

How to Calculate 2BHK Interior Design Cost With These Estimates for Furniture Finishes?

The type of finish you select for your furniture will affect your 2BHK design budget

Another important aspect of your 2BHK interior design cost are the finishes of your furniture. Use the table below to find the right finish to suit your budget.

FinishesCost Range*Scope
SF Laminate₹1600 to ₹2000 per sheetAll matte laminates
like solid colours
and wooden finishes
Glossy Laminate₹1800 to ₹3000 per sheetAll glossy laminates,
MR laminates and
MR+tuff and high gloss laminates
Acrylic Laminate₹6000 to ₹9000 per sheetThe cost will vary as per thickness
(up to 2mm) and the nature
of the finish (anti-scratch)
Veneer₹4000 to ₹14,500 per sheetEngineered veneer is more
cost-effective than natural veneer.
Smoked veneer costs the most
Duco₹150 to ₹300 per sq. ft.Only solid colours are possible
in Duco. Metallic colours
will cost more
PU₹250 to ₹600 per sq. ft.Clear PU costs less
than solid and metallic PU

*All prices mentioned above are excluding 18% GST. These prices are an estimate. The actual charges can vary depending on the city, labour charges, material and finish, design, and the size of your home

What Affects the 2BHK Interior Design Cost?

Firstly, let’s begin by acknowledging that no one can give you a definitive 2BHK interior design cost because no two homes or homeowners are alike. However, we can help you understand how each of the following elements contribute to the final 2BHK interior cost. In general, the industry thumb rule is to budget for at least 10 to 15% of the cost of your property. This can be higher depending upon your requirements.

Get the home interior design cost that will turn this bare space to a liveable home

#1: Size

  • Cost of interior design can go up when a wider area is covered

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#2: Scope of Design

  • End-to-end interiors, including civil work, electricals, plumbing, etc., will cost more
  • If your scope is only wardrobes, kitchen and storage, the 2BHK interior design cost will be lower  

#3: Renovation vs New Property

  • Interior design cost for a renovated home will usually be higher than a new one if all other factors are kept constant
  • Renovation – Includes demolition costs, civil changes, faulty plumbing changes, electrical work, flooring
  • Maximum damage to an old home occurs due to water seepage and leaky plumbing, which can make bathroom renovation mandatory, which pushes up the cost

#4: Materials

  • Type of finishes and materials of shutters and carcasses will affect the cost of a 2BHK interior design
  • Acrylic is usually expensive but low-maintenance
  • Laminate is usually affordable and sturdy
  • Membrane has a seamless finish but can require maintenance

#5: Designer’s Fees

  • Interior design cost of a 2BHK at Livspace includes the designer’s fees and is not charged separately. It is our aim to give you complete transparency in our pricing and we have no hidden charges
  • In comparison, market rates can be vague and can shoot up by 45% from first quote to final cost. Also, most interior designers in the market have their own way of computing interior design costs which can be confusing and misleading

#6: Locality

  • A 2BHK flat’s interior design cost also depends upon the city and locality
  • Interior design of a 2BHK in an expensive locality can cost more
  • When it comes to the cost of products, services, raw materials and labour, there is a difference of 5% to 15% across different locations

#7: Design Preferences

  • Your preferred interior design style and complexity of design will affect the 2BHK interior design cost
  • Scandinavian style, which uses a lot of wood in the interiors, can cost more than a simpler style

While budgeting for a 2BHK home interior, the homeowner should list down the basic necessary furniture and decor that is required, like, a kitchen, wardrobes, storage, beds, sofas and curtains. The actual interior design costing will be derived from this including basic finishes and core materials. Once the initial costing is derived, if there is any difference from the budget set by the homeowner, components of interior design can be added or reduced.

—Akshay J Shetty, Territory Manager Services, Livspace

Real 2BHKs by Livspace and How Much Will They Cost?

Now that you know the factors that affect the 2BHK interior design cost, let’s show you how a combination of these factors materialise into budgets for real homes. We have picked sixteen #LivspaceHomes and bucketed them under the following categories:

  • Homes under ₹8 lacs
  • Interiors under ₹12 lacs
  • Homes under ₹25 lacs
  • Interiors under ₹45 lacs

#1: Interior Designs Under ₹8 Lacs

We love working on homes within this budget because it can be challenging to provide high-quality, functional and stunning homes without crossing the budget limit. These real Livspace homes are examples of how we designed stunning 2BHKs within this budget without compromising on the look and functionality of the design.

#1.1 A Clever & Compact Home for Mumbaikars

Opening up the kitchen incurred additional civil costs, that added up to the overall interior design price
The cost includes the modular furniture plus the price of a wallpaper for an accent wall

Budget: ₹6 lacs approx.
Scope: Full home design with civil changes
Size: 850 sq. ft.

Everything in this home was modular and picked from the Livspace catalogue, making the furniture cost for a 2BHK more affordable than if the pieces were customised.

Breakdown of Cost:

  • The kitchen was the main investment. It originally had a closed layout which was opened up and a mini breakfast counter added
  • Countertop and backsplash material – Quartz
  • TV unit, wardrobes and beds in the bedrooms
  • Budget option – Wallpaper for the accent wall in the dining room

My experience of having my home designed by Livspace was smooth. I appreciate Avani’s work the most in my kitchen, where I spend a major part of my day. I also love her ideas that have materialised into the pooja space in our living room.

—Kavita Maurya, Livspace Homeowner

Wondering how much your 2BHK interior design will cost you? Use this full home design calculator to get an estimate.

#1.2: Just the Essentials for This Compact Hyderabad 2BHK

Modular furniture from the Livspace catalogue for a low-budget 2BHK interior design cost
Affordable laminate finishes were chosen to keep the overall 2BHK interior design cost low

Budget: ₹5.5 lacs approx.
Scope: Kitchen, wardrobes and storage units
Size: 1,300 sq. ft.

Breakdown of Cost:

  • Modular TV unit and a customised pooja-cum-crockery unit
  • A modular kitchen and storage-cum-wardrobes in the bedrooms

All the furniture had an affordable laminate finish, thereby ensuring the 2BHK flat interior design cost remained low.

#1.3: In Approximately ₹7 Lacs, This 2BHK Is Packed With Storage

Budget: ₹7 – ₹8 lacs approx.
Scope: Full home design (without kitchen)
Size: A 2BHK

Breakdown of Cost:

  • The living room underwent layout and civil changes to create space where up to 15 people can sit together
  • A multipurpose shoe rack with a bar unit and storage in the living room
  • The interior design cost also includes a TV unit with extra storage
  • The stone-look wallpapers in the living and dining areas lower the budget
  • Wardrobes in the bedrooms, with one that has an attached pooja unit

The wall treatments have been kept minimal, with wallpapers instead of expensive mouldings, to keep a cap on the budget.

#1.4: A Compact 900 Sq. Ft. Home Designed Under ₹8 Lacs

Budget: ₹8 lacs approx.
Scope: Kitchen, wardrobe and storage
Size: 900 sq. ft. approx.

Breakdown of Cost:

  • The 2BHK interior design cost includes a Scandinavian-style kitchen with a minimal breakfast counter for one and space under a countertop to fit in the dishwasher
  • A white TV unit in the living room makes the space look bigger
  • Modular wardrobes with maximum storage space

This 2BHK features several budget elements like plain walls, swing and multifunctional wardrobes and low-cost finishes like laminate. Articles

#2: Interior Designs Under ₹12 Lacs

Let’s look at the 2BHK flat interior design cost of a few homes that have splurged on some elements of design while saving on others. 

#2.1: Cute & Compact Pune Home Has End-to-End Interiors Under ₹10 Lakhs

Customised partition with integrated pieces of mirror which creates the illusion of space
Under-cabinet lighting is a good option when your kitchen lacks natural light

Budget: ₹9.5 lacs approx.
Scope: End-to-end interiors
Size: 750 sq. ft.

Breakdown of Cost:

  • Everything picked from the Livspace catalogue
  • The interior design cost per sq. ft. included a kitchen, wardrobes, beds, a dresser unit and some living room furniture
  • A customised partition with small pieces of mirrors. This is more affordable than a full mirror panel
  • Basic peripheral false ceilings also included in the interior design cost

All of these were modular and had laminate finishes to fit within the allocated budget.

#2.2: This Pune Home Got Its Essentials Renovated!

Use of emulsion paint is a low-cost way to create accent walls
To transform a drab room, create an accent wall with a bright colour like blue

Budget: ₹11 lacs approx.
Scope: Renovation, kitchen excluded
Size: 900 sq. ft.

Breakdown of Cost:

  • Renovation without too many structural changes to keep the demolition cost low
  • Brightly-coloured emulsion paint has been used to create highlights
  • Wall mouldings and a customised partition in the living room take up a major chunk of the interior design cost
  • Other inclusions: A centre table in the living room that doubles up as a dining table, modular wardrobes with lofts
  • Track lighting

The main importance of the partition in the living room was to create a foyer.

#2.3: Here’s How to Add Storage Without Making Your 2BHK Look Cluttered

Budget: ₹11.5 lacs approx.
Scope: Modular and basic services
Size: 1,200 sq. ft. approx.

Breakdown of Cost:

  • The kitchen takes up the major chunk of this 2BHK interior design cost with a high-end acrylic finish with ply carcass for the base cabinets and MDF for the upper cabinets
  • Maximum storage in the form of cabinets, wicker baskets, open shelves and a tall unit as well as a mandir. The colour scheme has been kept neutral to make the space look more open
  • The master bedroom wardrobe is L-shaped on one side, covering the entire width of the bed, with multiple lofts
  • A TV unit with a slim storage ledge and a compact crockery unit for maximum storage make sure that the rooms look uncluttered

The use of low-cost finishes like laminate and carcass materials like MDF and HDF-HMR keeps the budget low. In addition, plain, neutral walls along with vividly coloured furniture makes this home look spacious.

#2.4: A Home Specially Designed Keeping a Bachelorette’s Needs in Mind

Budget: Under ₹10 lacs
Scope: Kitchen, wardrobe and storage
Size: 940 sq. ft. approx.

The bedroom in this 2BHK was quite compact, so our designer kept all the modular furniture towards one side to create more floor space.

Breakdown of Cost:

  • Modular solutions like a shoe rack with seating in the foyer, a budget-friendly Livspace TV unit, a sleek bar-cum-crockery unit and integrated furniture like a study table with storage
  • In the kitchen, the wall was hacked down to create a breakfast counter
  • Space-compliant, multifunctional modular wardrobe designs

I am really happy with Livspace’s service, they did timely follow-ups, and they really took the ownership. I was handling everything alone, so I couldn’t visit every day to supervise, but they took the ownership, the design is awesome and the 3D design that they made, came out just like that. Overall, it was a nice experience, it sounds a little expensive but it was totally worth it.

—Deepa Roy, Livspace Homeowner

#3: Interior Designs Under ₹20 Lacs

Here, we’ll explore some plush and slightly high-end homes in terms of design and material choices.

#3.1: Mumbai 2BHK Designed to Fit a Family of Five

The partition helps to create some privacy between the living room and the open kitchen
Customised designs for wardrobes ensure you get more storage

Budget: ₹20 lacs approx.
Scope: Full home design
Size: 950 sq. ft.

Breakdown of Cost:

  • Customised sliding wardrobes with a louvred shutter in the middle
  • Customised window seating in the bedrooms and living room
  • A slab was extended in the kitchen to convert it into an L-shaped kitchen

Customisation will usually cost you a good portion of the home interior design cost.

#3.2: A Thane 2BHK Gets a Facelift

Customised headboard designs that suit the style of your room
Coloured gypsum details in the ceiling elevate the look of this simple dining area

Budget: ₹14 lacs approx.
Scope: Renovation, excluding kitchen
Size: 750 sq. ft.

Breakdown of Cost:

  • The home interior design cost includes the gypsum ceiling and the brick wall in the dining area
  • Fancy headboards and pastel wallpapers bring out the best in the bedrooms

Additionally, the family opted for space-saving furniture to ensure optimum space utilisation.

#3.3: A Sleek and Child-Friendly 2BHK Interior Design in Chennai

Budget: Under ₹20 lacs
Scope: Kitchen design, kitchen hob and bedroom wardrobe
Size: A 2BHK

An acrylic under cabinet has been placed below the kitchen sink to hide unsightly plumbing work.

Breakdown of Cost:

  • The modular kitchen comes with multiple workable countertops as Priya, the homeowner, and her entire family like to cook
  • The L-shaped kitchen has a breakfast counter and a glossy acrylic finish which is child-friendly
  • In the master bedroom, a corner niche has been used to create perpendicular his and her wardrobes, with open cabinets in between

The final finishes give such an awesome look! A big thank you to the team for their support in the entire journey from design to delivery. I’m so happy with the quality of the work.

Priya, Livspace Homeowner

#3.4: This Compact 620 Sq. Ft. Mumbai 2BHK Looks So Spacious!

Budget: ₹16.5 lacs approx.
Scope: Full home design
Size: 620 sq. ft. approx.

Breakdown of Cost:

  • Modular sliding wardrobes with mirror panels to make the space look bigger
  • Floating TV units with storage and display spaces
  • A bay window in the bedroom that comes with seating and hidden storage
  • A study unit with ample display shelves
  • Minimal yet striking ceiling designs across all the rooms

The soft colour palette consisting of neutrals and pastels makes this compact Mumbai home look elegant and spacious.

Tour the entire home:

#4: Interior Designs Under ₹45 Lacs

Here are some premium homes in terms of finishes, materials and elaborate design ideas. 

#4.1: This Mumbai Home Is Customised Perfectly for a Family of Three

Custom-made tinted mirror panels that look royal and create the illusion of space
Opt for wall-to-wall geometric panelling for a unique look

Budget: ₹30 lacs approx.
Scope: Full home design
Size: 900 sq. ft.

A significant portion of the cost of this 2BHK flat interior design was due to the hidden storage.

Breakdown of Cost:

  • The wall-to-wall tinted mirror panel is the most striking feature in this living room
  • Maximum storage in the high-gloss laminate kitchen
  • The interior design cost includes customised furniture and wall panelling in the master bedroom
  • The daughter’s bedroom is customised end-to-end with a loft bed with storage underneath and a storage unit with the daughter’s name on it


Our designer Pallavi Goel was fantastic. She was with us through the ups and downs of all our decisions. She gave our home personal touches wherever possible. The ideas and designs were creative, the execution was seamless, the quality was trustworthy and the outcome was absolutely superlative! We’d like to thank Pallavi and the Livspace team for this experience and also a friendship to cherish for life.

—Ekta and Kunal Khanna, Livspace Homeowners

#4.2: 5 Things in This Freshly Renovated 2BHK That Made Us Go Wow!

A change in the kitchen layout saved plenty of space
Exclusive custom designs might push up the cost but will give your home a plush and stunning look

Budget: ₹45 lacs approx.
Scope: Renovation
Size: 750 sq. ft.

Breakdown of Cost:

  • Everything from flooring, walls and ceilings to plumbing and electrical wires has been revamped
  • We changed the kitchen layout to make it more functional
  • Out of two entrances, one was closed to create a brand new foyer with ample space for a fully customised pooja unit
  • The family opted for expensive veneer finishes and an uncut marble washbasin

The main reason why this compact home has a whopping budget was because it was a 12-year-old MHADA property that was completely torn down and designed from scratch.

#4.3: A Luxurious Home at Prestige Royal Gardens Fit for a Young Couple

Budget: ₹25 lacs approx.
Scope: Full home design
Size: A 2.5BHK

Breakdown of Cost:

  • The existing kitchen wall was broken down to create an open kitchen that flows into the living area. Adding handleless cabinetry gives the kitchen a seamless look
  • Classy lighting solutions, chandeliers, a mirror accent wall in the dining area, glass and gold accents, panelling with a marble texture and other grand-looking textures like veneer, velvet and wood make this 2BHK look opulent
  • Accent walls in the rooms

This home is an opulent masterpiece. Rich colours like blue, gold and beige have been used to make this flat look royal and grand.

#4.4: Vivid Colours in This Desi Home

Budget: Under ₹30 lacs
Scope: Full home design
Size: 700 sq. ft. approx.

Since this 2BHK is quite compact, our designer opted for some smart hacks like multifunctional and wall-mounted furniture.

Breakdown of Cost:

  • Distinct Indian elements in the living room like a window arch, curvy furniture and a PU painted wall-mounted mandir in vibrant colours
  • The existing parallel kitchen was demolised to create an L-shaped kitchen that has maximum storage and follows the golden triangle rule
  • Unique wall designs like half and half wall painting with portrait moulds and texture paint, wallpaper panels and stencil painting on the wall
  • False ceilings with spot lights and recessed lighting

As a designer, I was very happy to work with Sumit as he did not shy away from experimenting with colours. He understood my taste perfectly and designed options that were relevant for us. In fact, the design phase moved rather quickly for us!

—Kruti Gala, Livspace Homeowner

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With easy EMIs, your dream 2BHK is just a step away:

How Can Livspace Help You?

  • Over the last few years, we have successfully designed over 50K homes
  • We use superior technology like DuraBuild cabinets, AntiBubble and AquaBloc technologies as well as personalised designs with 3D visuals to create the perfect 2BHK home
  • With 146 quality checks and a flat 10 year warranty*, you can be assured that your 2BHK interior design will not only be stunning but also long-lasting

*For select finishes on modular products. For full scope of warranty, please visit

If you want your dream 2BHK home to become a reality, book an online consultation with Livspace today.

To know how our customers feel about working with us, check out these Livspace reviews for more details!

Disclaimer: All contents of the story are specific to the time of publication. Mentions of costs, budget, materials, finishes, and products from the Livspace catalogue can vary with reference to current rates. Also, the designs showcased within the story are subject to availability and will vary based on the year the homes were designed in. Talk to our designer for more details on pricing and availability. 

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